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Micker Pro - All In One Microphone & Speaker

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The Micker Pro is a new concept portable microphone with a built-in speaker that amplifies the volume of your voice. Convenient and simple to use.

Perfect for use in: • Classrooms • Lecture Halls • Lunchrooms • Gymnasiums • Sporting Events • Outdoor Events • Tours & Field Trips • Seminars & Talks • Group Activities • & Much More!

  • All-in-one design, no cables, no wireless connection needed, no interference problems

  • Crisp, clear amplified voice

  • No feedback with integrated noise suppressor

  • Comfortable ergonomic grip with convenient one touch button volume control

  • Built in alert buzzer button with 2 tones, and built in echo button

  • Powered by lithium ion battery with automatic power saving mode for extended use

  • Dual speaker design for evenly dispersed sound

  • Includes charging cable, charging cradle, manual, lanyard and zippered carry case

  • Available in black and white

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