Tips for prolonging the life of your Andrea Headset/Headphone:


Handling your Andrea Headset or Headphone 

  1. Never wrap the cable tightly around your headset/headphone or your device. Doing so puts stress on the cable which could potentially damage the internal wires causing the headset/headphone to fail. 

  2. Loosely coil the cable when storing, using extra care not to strain or stretch the cable at the point of entry into the earphones or into the connector.

  3. Keep the cable free of tangles or knots. Never pull, tug or twist the cable. This could damage the internal wires and/or the connections inside the headset plug resulting in static in the audio or complete loss of sound.

  4. When disconnecting your headset/headphone take firm hold of the plug(s) and pull straight out to remove from your device. Never disconnect the headset/headphone from your computer/device by pulling on the cable or bending at a sharp angle.

  5. Never handle the headset by the boom. Doing so can cause damage to the microphone.

  6. Do not attempt to rotate the boom beyond the stops; it does not rotate a full 360º.


Cleaning your Andrea Headset or Headphone


  1. Use a damp cloth to gently wipe down your headset/headphone after use. Allow to dry completely before wearing or storing. Never spray liquid directly onto the headset/headphone or submerge in water or liquid.

  2. For optimal hygiene, replace worn ear cushions or foam covers as needed. Leatherette ear cushions, foam ear cushions or foam microphone windsocks available here.

  3. Protect from dust and dirt or damage when transporting by using a storage case for either the NC/WNC series or EDU series

  4. Product warranty can be found here Warranty. The guidelines above do not imply or grant an extended warranty or represent any guarantee of product longevity.