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SG-110M - Shotgun Microphone with Directional Noise Cancellation and TRRS Plug (replacement for SG-100)


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The SG-110M Mobile Unidirectional Shotgun Microphone has enhanced sensitivity for far-field sound reception. The 30-inch shielded cable has a right-angled 3.5mm TRRS plug for mobile devices with a shared audio port including laptops, tablets, and most smartphones. Lightweight and portable, the SG-110M is ideal for use in lecture halls, meeting rooms and courtrooms.

Product Features:
• Directional Shotgun Microphone with enhanced sensitivity for far-field sound reception
• Highly directional polar response
• Enhanced RFI screening to eliminate audio interference
• Adjustable microphone tilt with rubber padded base
• Compact and lightweight for easy portability
• 30-inch shielded cable with 3.5mm right-angled TRRS plug
• Specifically designed for use with mobile devices
• Includes C-300 Mobile Microphone Adapter for use with a PC, Digital Recorder, or a USB adapter 


• Compatible with laptops, tablets, and most smartphones with a shared audio port
To use the SG-110M with a device with a dedicated audio port (such as a PC, Digital Recorder, or a USB adapter) you will need the included C-300 Mobile Microphone Adapter, which converts the 4-pin TRRS plug to a 3-pin TRS plug. Click here for more information.

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