douglasstewartlogoedusmaller.jpg Douglas Stewart EDU
Douglas Stewart EDU distributes a wide assortment of technology products covering the main categories of Animation, Assistive Technology, Audio & Video, Database & Productivity, Graphic Design, Mathematics, and Music. Globally, Douglas Stewart has more than 60 years of experience in the sales, marketing, and distribution of software and technology products to resellers who sell to students, schools, universities, and charitable organizations.

Aska Speech Recognition Systems
Aska is a reseller of Andrea Communications products, located in Germany, serving the German and European markets. Aska is a certified Nuance speech recognition solutions provider and value added reseller. 


CampuStore - Media Direct
For 20 years, CampuStore has brought cutting edge techologies to the educational market in Italy. Supplying 7,000 schools and 800 university deparments across Italy, CampuStore helps students and teachers face the challenges of the digital world in which they live. With a vast selection of products, CampuStore tries to anticipate the ever-evolving needs of schools and universities. It is this mindset that has allowed the company to become a point-of-reference for ICT, robotics, FabLab, IoT, and new technologies created for use in schools.


iansyst Ltd
iansyst Ltd is a reseller of Andrea Communications products serving the education, private, public, dyslexic and disabilities markets, located in the UK. iansyst offers independent expert advice to students, teachers, SENCos and Needs Assessors, businesses and individuals on the latest assistive technology software and solutions.


Ilona IT
Ilona IT is the leading provider of ICT solutions to the Finnish Education sector. Their Service Portfolio includes consulting, training, and infrastructure products for Schools and Municipalities. The company's work is guided by a strong commitment to the National Curriculum.

As a reseller of Andrea Communications products in Finland, Ilona maintains stock locally in order to best meet the needs of their customers.


Slim.nl is the webshop for students and staff in Secondary and Vocational Education in the Netherlands. Slim.nl is a closed-user group; because their school has a license agreement with SLBdiensten, students and staff may benefit from special offers for their software and hardware (laptops, desktops), as well as e-learning, telephone subscriptions, magazines, books, and computer accessories.